Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our cute little Tagen

Just in case people don't know...I had my third beautiful baby girl on July 26th. She shares her birthday with her uncle Brad so I know she will be his favorite niece. She was 7lb 8oz and 21 inches long. The funny thing is she has a lot of dark hair! Don't know how that happened. The week before I had her I went to my doctor appointment and my doctor thought that I would go into labor any minute, but as the fates would have it I never did and it was the longest week of my life! My doctor was leaving on a trip so she asked if she could induce me. For some reason I was really hesitant on being induced. Don't ask me why but I liked the idea of having my water break like with my other two. Eventually Ryan and I decided that having my doctor deliver me was more important than going naturally so in we went two hours later. They started me and about a half hour later she broke my water and they gave me my epidural which didn't work...I know lame. You pay all this money and don't even get the relief you want. Eventually he got it to work and 5 minutes later I pushed 1 1/2 times and out she came! My doctor said it was a good thing I was induced or else Ryan would have been delivering me with no epidural. I guess I will be getting induced in the future. She is precious and the girls love her! Rylin's first comments were "oh my she is beautiful! I love her so much! What are those sparkles all over her face? "(the little white speckles all babies have) . I told her that's what Heavenly Father does to little princess babies. She liked that. Kennedy patted her, smiled, and went on her way. Now we will see if three is as hard as everyone says it is!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Time Again!

Well summer for our family is Birthday Party Time! We started out with Kennedy in May. It was a beautiful day and I made her birthday cake and then my mom and I decided to take the girls to lunch at Paradise Cafe then look for a gift for Kennedy. It's hard to figure out what to give your kids when the first child has gotten everything for them. I got her a cute finger puppet book though. Then we got home and decorated for the big hot dog roast we planned for both Ryan and my family to come to. It was really fun. Of course Rylin, Drew, Owen, Caroline, and Rex were more excited to open Kennedy's presents than she was. She got crayons, a camp chair, clothes, and more. She was very dainty when it came to digging into her cake. She just pinched little parts of it to eat. It made clean up easy that's for sure. I made flower cup cakes for all the other kids to have and blow out a candle. They seemed to like that. It was a success in my eyes. Happy birthday little one!

Next came Rylin's birthday party in June. It was also a beautiful day which was surprising seeing that the weather this summer has been all rain. I woke up early and started on the cake. Once it was done my mom and I wanted to take Rylin and her cousins to go bowling and eat lunch. This is when everything crashed. An hour before we were supposed to leave, I got a call from both Heidi and Carrie saying that their kids weren't feeling good so they would have to pass. I broke down and cried since I had hyped Rylin up telling her how much fun she was going to have with her cousins bowling. I also never heard back from Angie so they were out too. Eventually I pulled myself together and Ryan being a sweet husband told me that if he needed to he would take a long lunch if he needed to and we could go bowling as a family. Eventually I pulled myself together and told Rylin all her cousins were sick but that Miranda, Grammy and I were going to go to take her to Boondocks and make it a very special day. We went and ate lunch there and started bowling when Carrie called and said Caroline was feeling better and they were on their way. She had a fun day bowling and playing the games up front. They each got some dinky toys with their tickets. We came home and Rylin went to target with my mom and picked out all her presents and helped her wrap them. We had the grandparents and great grandparents with a few aunts and uncles over for cake. She loved her barbies, yard tools, and princess phone that she got. Then Ryan and I had her open our gift which was a big barbie house. She was ecstatic! It was worth every penny we spent through KSL to get it. She also loved her princess cake. She helped make it and picked all the colors. It was fun. Well until next year!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just In Case You Didn't Know

Well for those in another galaxy not near mine I thought that I would inform of what has been happening in our not little family since my last post. We traveled to California for a week. Spent a couple days visiting Ryan's good friend Manny whom he baptized. Rylin loved it especially his dog Guero. We went to dinner together, spent some time at the beach, and caught up. It was fun. On our way out Ryan showed me all of his mission which was really fun to see especially since I have heard so many stories and putting a picture to it all really made it that much better. The reason we were in California is my parents took the whole family there for our family vacation where we stayed in a big beach house all together. Yes there was some drama, but isn't that expected on family vacations? Well at least on Rigby family vacations there always is drama because we all like to do different things and we all try and make it happen. We had a blast though. I mean how could you not when there is sun, sand, water, food, and a magical fairytale land involved? My dad also took us to an Angels game which was awesome seening that I have never been to a professional baseball game before. (professioinal meaning not the bees games) We flippin sat right next to the dug out in these plush seats where we had to constantly keep our eyes out for ball which obviously didn't work seeing that my dad and Carrie got hit by a foul ball and yes the french fries flew everywhere. It was classic. We spent most of our days at the beach playing beach sports and building castles. Then of course we hit up Disney Land during the halloween fest. It looked awesome. We stood in line all morning to see the princesses and sadly enough Belle wasn't even one of them (Rylin's favorite). She still loved seeing them though. She felt like they were her best friends. Kennedy was a trooper all day seeing that she didn't know what was going on but constantly had a smile on her face. I only wish that we had spent more time in Toon Town since Rylin was in her happy place there. I love Disney Land especially when you get to see your kids come to life. Long day though. I can't really think of any details since it feels like an eternity ago.

I can't forget to write about winter time! We had an awesome winter this year. I say this because it was the first Christmas since I have been married that everyone in my family was healthy and we could open presents with smiles on our faces! Of course we all got spoiled and Rylin absolutely love all the princess things she got from her grandparents. Kennedy didn't really understand what was happening and only cared to open a couple presents. We had some good snow days this year too. Rylin's favorite thing to do was go outside and fill up her little watering can with the dripping rain gutter water and pour it all over the yard. This would last an hour then she woud want to go inside and have hot chocolate with toast. She takes after her mother in that reguard. I didn't get to do much skiing this year seeing I was prego and had a 6 month old to take care of. Ryan took Rylin a handful of times and she is getting pretty good now. Ryan's got her learning her pizza and how toturn. Left foot is beast and right foot is beauty. We had to do yhat since she struggled with left and right.Kennedy got good at crawling this winter. Unlike Rylin she was moving all over the place. Luckly she never fell down the stairs though we had some close calls.

These were just some adorable pictures I took of the girls one fall day. I think they are getting pretty good at posing seeing that I do it quite often. Can you blame me?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rylin is TWO!!

Happy Birthday Rylin!! I honestly can't believe that another year has gone by and that Rylin is now two. It has been so fun to have her in our lives and we are the luckiest parents alive...sorry everyone else but I think you got jipped. She has been so funny lately because she is talking like crazy and we wanted to see if she really understood the concept of having a birthday, so two weeks before we told her that she was going to have a birthday in two weeks and that everyone was going to come over to eat cake and ice cream and that she was going to get some presents. So every time you asked her when her birthday was OR how old she was she would respond two weeks. We love it. She also would tell everyone she was going to get surprises in two weeks. She is doing a awesome job at holding those two little fingers up to show how old she is and for anyone who has had a kid they know that two is a hard number to do that with. A few of my favorite things that she has been doing is singing songs. She knows the whole "temple" song along with most of "Child of God" song. My favorite phrase she says is "mom it's so heavy". The way she says "so" makes me laugh EVERY time. She is also the best big sister to Kennedy. She gives her kisses about 50 times a day since that is the only thing she is allowed to do to Kennedy. She also helps me feed her bottles and gets me burp cloths and diapers anytime I ask. Lately she has been loving to hide everything. I open my pan cupboard or washing machine and find sippy cups, blankets, and toys so it is a daily scavenger hunt to find things that she wants that she has hidden. Let's see other things she does is takes all our shoes off the shelves and ends up putting daddy's shoes on and walking around the house. We have a no shoe policy in our house but for this I make exceptions because she is too cute to tell her to take them off.

As for her birthday party we were just going to do cake and ice cream but her grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles were too generous and gave her all sorts of gifts. She loved them all and we wanted to say thanks to drew and Owen for helping her open her gifts. Seriously thanks to everyone who came we love you all. She decided she wanted a mermaid cake so just threw one together...ha ha ha. Not really I spent hours with the help of my sister Michelle getting to look like little mermaid, but I think it turned out nice. Once it was done my father-in-law noticed that it looked like her chubby Ariel doll and as you can see he was right.

We ate delicious cake and ice cream while we talked and played pool. We then took the kids out to drive Rylin's birthday present which was a revamped jeep that her dad pimped up with new wheels and cool stickers. She doesn't like to drive it yet but loves sitting in the passengers seat while Drew flies around. It was a lot of fun. Too bad we had crappy weather or they would have been out there all night. Well happy birthday princess! We love you!!